Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Go Green!

I was having a discussion with my boss the other day and said to me that one of the biggest problems facing the Printer Cartridge industry is that most people are not educated about the impact of their choices when it comes to empty printer cartridges. He said that the vast majority of employees believe that they need to reuse cartridges to solve the environmental issues associated with improper disposal of cartridges. The problem with this being that a reused cartridge will not have the same yield as a new cartridge nor will it have the same print quality, and eventually these cartridges will be disposed of.

What most consumers do not understand is that used printer cartridges can be utilized to create ‘Remanufactured Cartridges’ which will have a yield as good as a new cartridge and will provide the user with exceptional print quality.

It is good to note that at least people are starting to become aware of the impact that the improper disposal of printer cartridges can have on the environment.

Just to reiterate the impact that they can have on the environment, here are just a few ways in which the improper disposal of printer cartridges can harm the environment:

Incorrect handling can lead to toner powder being inhaled into the human body and this has the potential to lead to health problems. Toner powder is finer than cigarette smoke.
Once in landfills, the ink and toner residuals can leak and pollute the soil and groundwater.

I was reading an interesting article the other day, in which the author said that we as South Africans were spoilt due to the fact that we have a lot of wide open spaces that we can utilize for waste disposal. As I was reading this it struck me, that this was kind of a catch 22 situation. The fact that other countries such as America and many in Europe have less space available for waste disposal, they need to be more conscious about what they throw away and what they recycle.

It is perhaps time for us as South Africans to be more aware of how our waste can harm the environment. And in closing, I know they say that the best place to make a change is at home, but why not do it at your business, and ensure that your business is Green!!!

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Will said...

It sounds beautiful in South Africa. Good post. We should all be more conscious of how we dispose our waste. Let's keep those wide open spaces free of trash.

Will, your GREEN Printer!

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